How To Boost Your Chances of Winning a Scholarship

Before or after winning a Scholarship by the time you’re a junior or senior in high school, you most likely have already begun to have faith in whether or not you’ll be able to afford to travel to varsity, and, if so, how you’ll pay money for it.

Some colleges or universities may be a terribly high-priced investment that one will use to create their future.

There is excellent news, though: there are lots of scholarships accessible to you!

These scholarships will facilitate hugely in easing the monetary burden that school can place on you and your family; but, that’s as long as you’re ready to win them.

Here are a number of tips that may assist you to improve your probabilities of Getting or Winning a Scholarship (or two!)

First off, ensure that you simply begin wanting and applying for scholarships as early as possible. several students don’t consider the price of college till they’re about to graduate from high school. By then, they have omitted on ample opportunities to win cash for college or varsity.

Don’t stop looking!

There are scholarships for various age groups. for instance, some scholarships could also be geared toward high school sophomores, whereas others are also geared toward school sophomores.

This means that you simply can have the prospect to earn scholarship cash before and through school. you’ll be able to even win scholarships that are created for graduate students! Students typically assume that the time to apply for scholarships is strictly the summer before coming to school. this is often false! you can apply for scholarships year-round and throughout your entire college career.

Apply Ahead of Time

Not only must you apply both ahead of time and throughout your school career, however, you must additionally apply to as several scholarships as you can. There’s no harm in applying to a variety of scholarship programs, and it’ll also increase your chances to a great extent of Winning a Scholarship.

Colleges can permit you to report outside scholarships that you just have won, and there’s no limit on what number you’ll win and report!

Apply to scholarships that genuinely interest you, or that faucet into a number of your skills. for instance, some scholarships ask for a video submission or a resourceful writing response to a prompt. If you’re smart at either of those, the more seemingly you’ll truly enjoy finishing your application, that shines through.

Definitely, make sure that you are being attentive to scholarship deadlines.

Some scholarships have multiple periods of time for submission, however, more usually than not, a scholarship organization can have only one probability to win it per year.

Try prioritizing scholarships-supported-deadlines and levels of the issue. I might recommend that you just try and knock out the tougher, additional urgent scholarships first, as you’ll be able to complete easier ones without a lot of stress.

Lastly, make certain you work on your writing skills!

Most scholarships need a minimum of one essay to be submitted, and many need more than that. attempt writing further as you can once finishing your applications, and don’t slack off!

In addition to writing your best, get friends or relations or, even better, get, teachers to review your essays for you. they will be able to catch sure grammar mistakes or rhetorical issues than you likely have created, as they’ll return to your essay with an open mind and have a better eye that may find sure problems easier than you could.

You should stand out in your essay writing

With that, you’ll be able to solely do that through practice and revision. the higher that you are ready to write, the more probably it is that you are going to be considered as a competitive candidate for that scholarship.

Try to keep these tips mentioned above in mind as you move out and apply for as several scholarships as you can. Remember, while a 4.0 GPA is great, that’s typically not the most criteria that a student should possess.

Scholarships are for all students of all backgrounds to study abroad or in their locality, students who possess totally different interests and skills. Don’t be discouraged, because of the most durable you are attempting, the higher your chances!

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How to Get Scholarships for US Study

There are options for students to obtain financial aid while they are studying in the US. The students are also eligible to obtain the aid from the university in which they are studying. The most important factors which are to be taken into consideration are:

  1. The universities take into consideration the country from which you have arrived into US before deciding about your scholarship.
  2. The need of a student to cover his education, medical and insurance costs while he is in US.
  3. The educational level which a student has is also determinant in deciding his level of scholarship. For example, undergraduate students are eligible to receive higher scholarships from universities. Some specific scholarships are reserved for such students only.
  4. Students who had higher participation in co-curricular activities during their senior secondary schooling years have higher chances of getting a scholarship.
  5. Certain courses are also more eligible to being chosen for scholarships than others.
  6. The grades scored during senior secondary years are also determinant in deciding the level of scholarship a student is likely to obtain.

The students need to apply with the financial aid office of their university so that their process gets started for this scholarship. The authorities at this office can inform you about the complete details of applying for such financial assitance.

Concordia college awards scholarships to international students based on their need and academic excellence. The amount of such scholarship is approximately 25,000 dollars a year. Apart from that, the Columbia college also awards financial aid to students based on their academic excellence. The scholarships are awarded on a lump-sum basis or as a reduction in the tuition fees by 15-20%.

Apart from there are certain financial aid programs which are funded by prominent financial institutions. Examples of such scholarships are Joint Japan World Bank Graduate scholarships,AAUW international fellowships and Aga Khan Foundation international scholarship programme.

Lets discuss these scholarships in detail:

  • Joint Japan world bank graduate scholarships: This scholarships ensures that students are able to get scholarships if they have enrolled themselves in eight specific universities such as, University of Chicago,John Hopkins University, Columbia University, Cornell University and Harvard University etc.
  • AAUW international scholarships: This scholarships are awarded to those women in United States who don’t have a permanent residency or citizenship status in this country. These scholarships are given to all those women who are either pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree. These scholarships are given to those women who have shown academic excellence. Although these scholarships are only given for a year, out of the total, almost five scholarships are renewed for a consecutive year also.
  • Aga Khan Foundation international scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to all those students who have no resources to financially assist their studies. The students are awarded a 50% loan and the rest of the amount is given through a grant. This scholarship prefers students who are pursing Masters and PhD degrees.

Top 7 Scholarship Tips

Scholarship providers look for certain things to make sure the candidate qualifies for the scholarship. If you want to get a scholarship, make sure you meet the criterion. Besides, you can use the tips given below to increase your chances of qualifying for the award.

Tip 1: Use concrete examples

If you are going to include an abstract in your answer, make sure you use concrete examples for illustrating your point. Actually, the scholarship sponsors are in search of someone who meets their strict criterion. They don’t just rely on unsupported statements.

Tip 2: Make Sure You Are Eligible

Before applying, you should read the directions and requirements carefully to ensure that you are eligible. Remember: your application will be rejected if you are not eligible.

Tip 3: Identify the Goals of The Sponsor

You should try to identify the goals of the sponsor. Do they want the people to show interest in a certain field? Maybe they are looking for some business leaders and researchers for future needs. If you succeed in identifying their goals, we suggest that you emphasis these goals in your application to increase your chances of qualifying for the award.

Tip 4: Follow The Directions

You must follow the directions. In other words, your application should have all what is required. Your application should be complete as an incomplete application is likely to be thrown away. Make sure the application doesn’t have spelling or grammar errors.

Tip 5: Put Together a Great Resume

Make a list of your accomplishments as this will help show your strengths to the reviewers. Aside from this, you provide the writers of the letters of recommendation with a copy of your resume.

Tip 6: Respect all deadlines.

You should set a deadline for yourself, and make sure the deadline is at least a couple of weeks away. You can use this time to review your application to make sure it is free of errors.

All parts of your application should reach the reviewers in time. The important parts include different documents, such as transcripts and letters of recommendation. What you need to do is make sure that the reviews of your application will have enough time to include the necessary things.

Tip 7: Make a Copy

It’s important to make a copy of your packet to serve as a backup. If your application doesn’t reach the office due to some unknown reason, you can reproduce and resend it without any problem.

On each page of your application, your name and social security number should be visible. If your application documents are not identifiable, they may get lost. Therefore, you should take your time and make some copies of all the documents, just to be on the safe side.

So, if you want to qualify for the sponsorship, we suggest that you follow these tips. Getting a scholarship is not easy as there is a lot of competition involved. But you can set yourself apart from the crowd by following these tips and taking the right steps. Hope this helps.

Pros and Cons of Receiving a Scholarship

You may be wondering if getting a scholarship is all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, it’s always great to receive money that you’re not expected to pay back, but are there any drawbacks to getting a scholarship. As it turns out there are pluses and minuses to receiving scholarship money. The obvious plus is that you get money that you need for school that you won’t have to take out in the form of a loan. This money will go towards things like tuition, room and board, books, supplies, your computer, and anything else related to school.

You definitely don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth but there are some things that you’ll be expected to do in order to receive the scholarship money, and keep receiving it each semester. Many scholarship awards have minimum requirements that you’ll be expected to have in order to get the award in the first place, but you’ll also be required to maintain these minimums each semester you expect to keep getting it. What’s great about a scholarship is that it’s usually not a one-off. You can renew it for as long as you go to college, depending on if you keep your grades up and meet all other expectations. Some scholarships will want you to maintain a certain GPA, while others will expect you to get involved with extra-curricular activities or put in volunteer hours in order to get your money.

If you come to rely on your scholarship money, but have a bad semester, it can be financially devastating having your money rescinded or not qualifying for it for future semesters.

When compared to grants, scholarships usually have more strings attached, but since they are renewable it balances out. When you receive a grant, many times it’s a one-time award. If you want to receive it again you have to reapply and get re-accepted. The beauty of grants is that you rarely will have to do anything outside of applying for them. If you apply for a grant and are awarded the grant, the money just shows up either by direct deposit or in the form of a check. With a scholarship they will not only verify that you’re eligible to receive it, they’ll check with the school to make sure that you’re still keeping your end of the bargain, and all money will be sent to the college directly to pay for things. You’ll only get the leftovers to do with as you please.

Of course it’s better to get a scholarship than to not get a scholarship. Just don’t be surprised when you find out all of the other things that come with getting one. They are often glamorized and thought of as the Holy Grail of free money for college. Some scholarships cause stress in the form of keeping the minimum requirements. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not.

What Do I Need To Obtain A Scholarship?

Concentrate on your special skills:

Take your time and consider your strong and weak points. What do people like about you the most? Have you got any experience or hobbies that make you special or help you stand out from others?

Focus on context and details:

Most of the scholarship grants that you will find will require you to apply by writing an essay. Have someone to go through the essay that you have prepared in order to make sure that the ideas are clarified in proper way and your grammar/spelling is perfect. it’ll make a poor impression if your essays are incomplete or full of grammatical errors. The more you do it the more you will start to enjoy it as time goes by. What’s The Rush? Take Your Time while preparing your scholarship application.

Plan everything ahead of time:

Proper planning is a prerequisite. You should even consult an experienced person while planning for the scholarship. Arrange everything in such a way that you don’t need to be in a rush when the interview or essay submission deadline arrives. Quit the habit of postponing things. Take action immediately and don’t forget to reevaluate things when necessary. Proper planning can save much time and give you an opportunity to concentrate on the things that need your utmost attention. Outline your weak points in your plan and also include what you will be doing to overcome those deficiencies. If you have different options, take time to choose the right one. Include the right choices in your plan and act according to that.

If you are determined to apply for a scholarship, it’s a good idea to start doing some research online. You must apply early as postponing things unwisely doesn’t help at all. Search for academic scholarship grants if your CGPA is good. But if your academic results are not that good yet you have done well in some other fields such as sports, literature or GRE/IELTS, you will need to search for different types of scholarships. Just spend some time. There’s a big list of different scholarship grants available online.

After you have your big list of available scholarship grants you need to start applying smartly. For instance, if you served as a volunteer at some point of your college life, you may want to write an essay about this. It can really improve your chances of obtaining scholarship grants.

Bottom line:

Always attempt to find out the reasons why you didn’t obtain a particular scholarship as this can certainly help you identify your problems. You should study your mistakes thoroughly and try to avoid them in future.